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Sports nutrition that’s better by nature.

Newsflash: you’re not a machine. Despite what some people say to you. You’re a human being cultivating endurance. Our mission is to help you sustain that endurance and replenish your energy with 100% plant-based vegan sports nutrition. Because your body deserves ingredients that respect what you put it through. Eat well, perform well. Naturally.

Packed with goodness. Compliments of mother nature.

For anything near peak performance and proper recovery, you need the right nutrition. It’s why Rawvelo products are 100% vegan, 100% natural and 100% organic. Meticulously formulated to provide bioavailable supplies of crucial nutrients, you will notice the difference when you are powered by plants. Nothing artificial. Nothing synthetic. Nothing made in a lab. Just the way it should be. Naturally. 

"Rawvelo have come up with a fantastic range of products. Using only natural ingredients, they reflect the nutritional principles used in sports nutrition. They’ve got an amazing instinct for combining really healthy ingredients with knowhow based on their experience as athletes. I am sure there are no comparable products of the same quality on the market.”
- Dr Claudia Gravaghi PhD, Nutritionist

Great tasting, energy dense & easy to digest

Mother nature’s larder is packed with energising goodness – capable of powering even the most demanding endurance challenges. Harnessing this energy is what Rawvelo products are all about. They’re easy to digest too. Because you don’t need stomach cramps when you’re trying to crush a tough mountain ascent. As for the taste, some say we have the tastiest energy products going. We have road tested inspiring flavour combinations to create products that support your performance while pleasing your tastebuds. It’s sports nutrition as it should be. Dig in.

You’re made of the right stuff. So are our products.

Endurance sport is part of who you are. Not a flash in the pan or a transient hobby. So it makes sense to think about the long-term impact of your endurance nutrition. Careful research and rigorous testing goes into each of our products, formulated for nutrient density and functional performance as well as long-term health.


Deglet Noor dates – sourced from a small organic producer in Tunisia – are the base of our energy bars. They are packed with essential nutrients. In fact research suggests dates help to tackle fatigue while lowering levels of LDL cholesterol, balancing blood sugar and aiding bodily repair post-exercise. Almonds, another staple of our bars, contain high levels of natural antioxidants and help to control blood sugar and blood pressure. Walnuts are anti-inflammatory and thought to boost gut microbiota.

The foundation of our hydration mixes, meanwhile, is coconut water. Bursting with electrolytes and thought to help the human body replace fluids faster than water, there’s no wonder it’s been dubbed Mother Nature’s sports drink. With all of our products, it’s about balancing short-term performance and recovery with long-term health.

We think we’ve got the balance just right.

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