Introducing The Rawvelo x Tekkerz Collab

Introducing The Rawvelo x Tekkerz Collab

This August we launched a new collaboration with one of the most exciting and coolest cycling teams out there - Tekkerz - introducing a limited edition Crit / Cross pack and a customised collab bottle too. Both the pack and bottle featuring the iconic Tekkerz T-Rex and colour scheme in a Rawvelo identity - safe to say they’ve been a hit with over half of the available stock selling within the first 24-hours.

We’ve been supporting Tekkerz for a few seasons now, helping fuel and hydrate the team across their races around the UK, with a focus on criteriums and cyclocross racing too - hence the bespoke pack contents.

Each Crit / Cross pack contains:

- 3 Energy Gels
- 2 Energy Bars
- 2 Hydration Drinks Mix sachets
- 1 Limited Edition Bottle

Who are Tekkerz?

Tekkerz is a London-based refreshing cycling team created by Alec Briggs with friends and partners looking to innovate in the cycling industry. Racing events such as the Tour Series and the National Circuit Race Series the team are well versed in the short, sharp race formats that are found regularly around the UK. 

"We’ll have a drink mix on the go in the hours before a race to stay hydrated, take it on your warm up too - Lemon flavour keeps us sharp. If you’re travelling to the race, having a bar handy is useful to top up on carbs too. PBJ bars are the GOAT for Benji and my favourite breakfast!" said Alec when talking about fuelling a Crit race.

"I then slam a gel on the start line - Blueberry & Hibiscus Caffeine gels make us ping - and have another for the second half of the race too when you need a boost. For a Crit or Cross race one bottle of Hydration is usually enough.

"Then when you’re waiting for the podium after the finish, a Chocolate Orange bar is a pretty great post race treat too. That’s a pretty simple run down of our Crit or Cross race nutrition."

The limited edition Crit / Cross pack is available online here while stocks last as is the limited edition 500ml Rawvelo x Tekkerz bottle, here.