It’s with deepening sadness that we sit here at Rawvelo HQ watching the terrible events that are unfolding in Ukraine. As a brand we believe in the power of shared experience to bring people together as a community; these shared experiences should be ones of joy, satisfaction, beauty and wonder.

However, sometimes it takes something unfathomable and horrific to truly unite people in a way that goes far beyond words. We believe that right now is such a moment and we must stand together with the Ukrainian people and offer help and support in any way we can.

So, we have decided that from today we will be donating 10% of all our sales to support the work of the International Red Cross, a non-political organisation working tirelessly to help those most in need, in some of the most difficult situations around the world.

We are also donating £5000 worth of products which will be sent to Ukraine to help provide much needed aid for those who have been displaced from their homes, as well as those who have chosen to stay.

As part of these actions we are also calling out to the wider sports nutrition industry as well as our own community to help in whatever way you can in this time of need.


Jason & Duncan, Rawvelo Founders


Join Us

We're also calling out to sports nutrition brands across the industry to join us in donating products and supporting those affected by the conflict in Ukraine in whatever ways we can. There have been specific call outs for energy bars and products so if you work for a nutrition brand and can help to do your bit then we urge you to do so - it's very easy.

There are a growing number of donation drop-off points around the UK now set up to accommodate products that can be sent to those in need. A simple Google search will help locate these, while some publications have started collating lists to help locate a point near to you.

If you also wish to join us in donating to the International Committee of the Red Cross, find out more here.