Meet Paul Giblin, Rawvelo Ultra Running Ambassador

Meet Paul Giblin, Rawvelo Ultra Running Ambassador

Introducing our newest ambassador, Paul Giblin. An ultra-runner after our own hearts, Paul doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Racing 50 ultras over his eight year career, breaking course records and winning world championship medals, Paul now coaches athletes to reach their own running goals.

His latest adventure however, isn’t one for the faint hearted, as he attempts to be the first runner to complete the Highland Trail 550 - 550 miles of the most rugged and remote terrain in the Scottish Highlands, with over 52,500ft of elevation. The route, designed by veteran endurance mountain biker Alan Goldsmith, was designed as a training ride for the Colorado Trail Race and is widely considered to be one of the most challenging trails to ride… let alone run!

Not only does he want to be the first runner to complete the route, but he’s set himself a target of just 14 days. This means a minimum of 40 miles per day with no days off… 

To put the challenge into perspective, that's 21 marathons in two weeks while climbing the height of Ben Nevis 12 times in some of the most challenging terrain imaginable. Bonkers. But we shouldn’t really be surprised considering his response to being asked about running 550 miles - “it's gotta be easier than 1,300 miles, right?'

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