Rawvelo Tempo Blend Coffee - The Origins

Rawvelo Tempo Blend Coffee - The Origins

The launch of our new Tempo Blend, created in collaboration with the expert roasters at Mission Coffee Works, sees the launch of a new product in the Rawvelo range. With all of our products, we pay close attention to the provenance of our ingredients and the methods in which they are produced to ensure that everything is traceable and ethical in its practices.

Our new Tempo Blend of coffee is no different. For starters, Mission Coffee Works, whom we’ve worked closely with to deliver a number of cafe pop-ups at various cycling events and exhibitions this year, share our affiliation to 1% For The Planet and the commitment to tackling the climate crisis in all that we do. 

We’re also working with Mission Coffee Works to use their fully recyclable bags, made from PE. You can recycle them wherever you would recycle carrier bags - this is sometimes at home and usually at most supermarkets. At the roastery, everything that can be recycled is, while the rest of the roastery’s waste does not go to landfill, but is turned into energy. 

Looking further back down the process, the coffee beans originate from Rusiga, in the Northern Province of Rwanda and the Kinini washing station. This farm and washing station is one of two that is used by Mission Coffee Works, surrounded by an abundance of interlocking undulating slopes and mountains, creating a multitude of variations. Coffee here is frequently grown heavily intercropped on small farms and gardens hewn from the hillsides. This can mean time demands on a farmer, so the addition of satellite technology that is used to monitor leaf glare from the trees is extremely useful.

The Kinini company was formed in March 2012 by two directors who set up and continue to run an NGO which has an Infant and Primary School as well as a Health Post called A New Beginning Rwanda. A portion of the proceeds of all coffee sold by them goes to help fund these projects for the long term.

The team works closely with the local population to not only produce premium quality coffee, but also to improve the local environment with a strong emphasis on building quality schools and local healthcare outposts which have traditionally been lacking. The majority of the farmers are widows from the Rwandan genocide and Jacquie, one of the founders of Kinini, is a key member of the International Women’s Coffee Association (IWCA).

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